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    Update regarding review of Australian Standard AS 3564.1-1988 Automotive Repairs

    Standards Australia are currently conducting a review of Australian Standard AS 3564.1-1988 Automotive Repairs – Terminology Part 1 – Automatic Transmission.

    This standard establishes a nomenclature for the repair and servicing of automatic transmissions in the automotive repair industry and aims at eliminating confusion in relation to terminology describing repairs to automotive automatic transmissions.

    The revised standard is now completed to the draft stage and is available for public comment.

    Interested members are encouraged to review the draft and comment as appropriate. The process is a follows:

    1. Log on to Standards Australia web site
    2. On the home page scroll down to and click on Public Comment heading
    3. Follow prompts to access draft, AS 3564.1-1988 Automotive Repairs – Terminology Part 1 – Automatic Transmission
    4. Download or read on line and consider
    5. Follow prompts to submit comment as required.

      Comments must be submitted prior to 07/02/2020

      Standards Australia will then hold review of all submissions and action as appropriate.


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      Automatic Transmission Repairs - Terminology

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