Formula SAE-A 2016 Official Competition Shirt 

Must order before October 21 to receive at the 2016 Formula SAE-A competition in December


Price: $20.00

Postage: Collection at 2016 Formula SAE-A competition
(Can post on request at additional cost of P & H)

GST: Included

Men's Size
Women's Size
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Product Description

The official Formula SAE-A 2016 Competition Shirt. 

It features: 100% semi-combed cotton jersey, narrow and sturdy neck rib, tubular neck hole with no side seam, and a high UPF factor.

Order now to ensure you receive your shirt in time for competition!

Please note: All orders placed after October 21, 2016 will not arrive in time for this year's competition, and will incur additional postage and handling costs, in order for it to be sent to your specified address. Shirt design is what is being sent to supplier, we can not promise the produced shirt will look the exact same as what is depicted in the pictures above.

Sizing Chart

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