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April Newsletter

Welcome to the SAE-A April Newsletter. 

The second quarter of 2017 has commenced with our presence at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo where we had the opportunity to share early details with our industry about a new SAE-A initiative - VMAC. 

The aim of the Vehicle Modification and Accessories Certification (VMAC) is to provide recognition for individuals, corporations, and products in the Aftermarket and Service Industry Sector. Visit our VMAC webpage to find out more and to register your interest in being a part of the program.

The SAE-A has been working hard this year to deliver some of the best mobility engineering forums in the industry and we are only weeks away from the Society's Annual General Meeting and the 90th Anniversary Dinner. 

In this newsletter, we bring you details of the keynote speaker at the Anniversary Dinner from the State Government, who will be presenting on the opportunities in Transport Technologies and Manufacturing. This event is not to be missed.

As always, get in touch with us if you have feedback or a story you'd like to share; send a message to

Sid Sheth - Editor, SAE-A

Table of Contents

1. SAE-A AGM and Celebrating the Society's 90th Anniversary

2. Mentoring our Future Leaders

3. Simulation Squeezes More Range out of Formula-E Racers

4. Vale: Jim Henman

5. APAC19 Call for Tech Papers

6. Fellowships on Offer for Australians Aged Between 18 - 35 Years 

7. Design to Win Symposium and Workshop

8. Job Opportunities

9. Winner of the Bosch Automotive Handbook

10. SAE-A Events Update

11. Industry News Highlights

12. SAE-A Bookshop


1. SAE-A Annual General Meeting and Celebrating the Society's 90th Anniversary

Come and celebrate the Society's 90
th Anniversary and join us at the SAE-A Annual General Meeting at the Windsor Hotel this May.

We encourage our members to attend the AGM for a discussion on our 2016 performance, as well as voting on the various motions that will be moved.

The 90th Anniversary Dinner will celebrate the mutual support between the Society and its members. 

The night will feature a keynote speech by Athena Andriotis, Director of Sector Development at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, as well as speeches from our youngest member and the oldest member on the origins of the Society and what makes the Society great for them.

The presentation by Athena Andriotis will outline the opportunities, industry trends, and processes for industry support in the development of technologies and manufacturing.

This is a 'must attend' event for anybody with plans for development in this industry sector, and is currently involved or considering working with the state government on development projects in the future. The presentation will be applicable to OE or aftermarket, and for projects focused on research, product development, or manufacturing.

Please come along and show your support for the SAE-A at a time where the Society is working hard to enable continuation of our service to the mobility industry for at least another 90 years.

The room will be filled with key industry people with an interest in the technology side of the mobility sector, and represents a great opportunity to both hear the keynote presentation, and network with others with similar interests to yourself.

The costs are:

Member: $150
Non Member: $205
Student Member: $95
Retired Member: $95
Member Table of 10: $1400
Non-Member Table of 10: $1950

Click here to register today!

For more information on events, contact Greg at the SAE-A National Office:
Phone: (03) 9676 9568


2. Mentoring our future leaders

The partnership between SAE-A and Project Management Institute (PMI) began in early May of 2016 when I received an email from the academic outreach team at PMI in the US. This was followed by a number of phone calls with the engagement team at Brussels and ultimately, establishing a connection with the Melbourne chapter of PMI. The correspondence has developed a valuable knowledge sharing and supportive relationship between the two organisations which will be hugely beneficial to the participants of the Formula SAE-A competition.

The first step in our collaboration involved working with the PMI to recruit project management experts to be part of the Business Presentation judging team at the 2016 Formula SAE-A competition. The experts provided useful insights into the student business cases at the competition. We then facilitated the delivery of PMI’s two part webinar series on project management, which was held in the early part of this year, suited to a variety of audience, ranging from students to experienced industry professionals.

As of March 2017, we are trialling a Project Management Mentor Program with the Victorian teams of the Formula SAE-A competition. This involves designating a project management expert to each team to assist them in an advisory capacity for any questions they may have. The level of involvement will vary from assisting in the creation of project timelines, to developing risk management strategies, tracking progress, and managing delays in progress.

Upon the success of this trial in Victoria, the Project Management Mentor Program initiative will likely roll out to other states, with PMI having chapters located in each of the major cities around Australia. We look forward to building on our current relationship with PMI and continue to provide the future of our industry with the support that is required.

Greg Maratos
Event Coordinator

To learn more about this exciting initiative, contact Greg at the SAE-A National Office.
Phone: (03) 9676 9568


3. Simulation Squeezes More Range Out of Formula E Racers

"Range anxiety" is not just affecting electric vehicle drivers on the road—it is also a significant hurdle for Formula E teams on the track. Highly accurate energy consumption prediction using knowledge of not just the race circuit layout but also of track surface detail is vital.

The all-electric Formula E race series, supported by a growing list of OEMs including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and Renault, requires every team to find ways of extracting, and making best use of, all the potential energy from the battery pack by the time the car crosses the finishing line. This is to enable a driver to use maximum power in appropriate situations, otherwise the car could have gone faster at some point in the race.

Jaguar's I-Type Formula E race car.

“Optimising the energy consumption by adjusting the calibration before the race relies on having an accurate circuit model," explained Chris Hoyle, Technical Director at rFpro, a U.K.- based simulation software company. "But with many circuits based in parks or city centers, the exact geometry of every corner may not be known until the barriers are erected.”

There are further complications. Apart from variations in circuit layout, accurate prediction of energy usage is made more difficult by the irregularity of many track surfaces, Hoyle noted. Bumps, road repairs, pot holes or drain covers could result in loss of control or reduced grip, often forcing drivers to take a completely different line to the shortest or theoretically quickest racing ideal.

Conventional circuit mapping, such as using Google Earth data, fails to give a true representation of the vehicle path around the full lap, he said. Knowledge of a circuit’s full details is a must; in the precise and challenging world of E racing, a car's electric energy consumption can make the difference between a podium place and a DNF.

To cope with this, rFpro has developed TerrainServer, a simulation package designed to accurately reproduce literally every bump, curb, ripple and degree of camber of a track, feeding high-bandwidth, high-fidelity, cleaned-LiDAR-point cloud data for each tire contact patch into the vehicle model in real time at up to 5kHz.

Raw data of Paris captured by rFpro. Urban street circuits used for Formula E events present particular surface challenges for electric race cars.

As Formula E racing gains popularity, the category is gradually assuming F1 levels of sophistication. Hoyle's company is now supporting the series, complementing their established driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulator software solutions for Formula One, NASCAR and World Endurance Championship teams.

The company now has most of the established Formula E circuits scanned and modeled to the same levels of precision as the world’s F1 tracks. Its improved modeling accuracy helps the cars make full use of all available energy, to run faster for longer. With regulations placing limitations on Formula E chassis design, rFpro has found that teams are increasingly concentrating simulation time on improving the accuracy of their energy consumption predictions—and developing their complex control systems.

Overcoming the first challenge—circuit layout—is achieved by scanning after the barriers have been erected and updating the data in the circuit model which is used by the simulator. The second issue, accounting for road surface features, has only been made possible by two fundamental developments in DIL performance: faster response and improved surface data capture.

“To ensure that a driver behaves exactly the same in the simulator as on the track, the experience must be totally convincing. This means all the cues—visual, aural, haptic—must arrive on schedule in real time,” Hoyle explained. He noted that some older-generation simulators had up to .25 s latency (delay) which meant they were limited in their capabilities and too slow for chassis dynamics work.

The rFpro software provides video signals ten times faster and audio signals 20 times faster, which overcomes this limitation, he claimed.

Having provided a convincing simulation environment in which the vehicle responds in real time, the further key ingredient is always the accurate road surface model. It provides the correct inputs to the vehicle’s tires—the task of TerrainServer.

“The pressure on teams to extract the maximum possible energy from their car’s battery pack by the time it crosses the finishing line is likely to intensify if proposed 2018-2019 rule changes go ahead,” Hoyle added. These will see the end of drivers switching to a second car during the race.

Having only one car, with one battery pack as an energy source, will place even more emphasis on extracting the maximum without exhausting their energy supply prematurely. "Highly accurate simulation can help to achieve that,” he said.

Credits: SAE International


4. Vale: Jim Henman

The SAE-A announces with great sadness the passing of James (Jim) Henman, aged 79 years. 

Jim led an extensive career in the automotive industry. He began his career in 1973 as a Works Engineer for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Maintenance and in the early 1980's, his work on the Accelerated Loading Facility (ALF) system flew him to the USA where he worked as a consultant for the American highway and transport authorities interested in using the ALF testing system.

In the late 1980’s, Jim led a group of engineers at the Department of Motor Transport (DMR) which was later combined with The Traffic Authority of NSW, in acquiring earthmoving plant, trucks, trailers and special equipment for road works, bridge maintenance, traffic systems, and special applications. Jim was responsible for managing large funding streams, writing engineering specifications and supply contracts and ensuring each plant item and vehicle were appropriate for their application, were built to specification and complied with Standards.

Jim was also involved in a variety of interesting special projects such as upgrades to the Truckalyser, portable heavy vehicle safety inspection trailers, evaluation and testing of the Smog-Dog drive-by exhaust emission analyser, and developing a suitable vehicle for proof-testing large bridges. He also served on a number of Standards Committees and was widely known and respected by manufacturers and suppliers across all sectors of the automotive industry.

The society remembers Jim for his services as Chairman and also as the Treasurer to the SAE-A NSW Division in the 1990’s and in 2005 Jim was awarded a Life membership of the Society which was presented to him at a function held by the NSW Division at the Bishop Group, North Ryde, NSW. The presentation was made by the SAE International President during his visit to Australia.


5. Call for Tech Papers for APAC 19

International Automotive conference, APAC19, organised by SAE-China, will be held in Shanghai from the 24 - 26
th of October 2017. The conference organisers are are now calling for technical paper submissions from all over the world.

APAC (Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference) is an international automotive technical conference platform, held biennially and co organised by FISITA. The 19th APAC conference will be held in conjunction with the SAECCE (SAE-China Congress & Exhibition); a highly recognised international academic congress and exhibition for the Chinese automotive industry.


Under the theme of "Creating the Automobiles and Mobility for the Future", APAC 19 will feature various activities such as plenary sessions, executive forums, technical sessions, technical exhibitions, young professional activities, company tours and test drive sessions. The conference will be expecting more than 10,000 visitors to the 10,000m2 exhibition space over the 3 days.

Currently, APAC 19 is calling for technical papers from around the world. All accepted papers will be published in the OFFICIAL 'APAC19/2017SAECCE Proceedings' with selected papers published jointly with Springer International Publishing. Papers are required by the 14th of April, 2017.

The SAE-A held the 18th APAC conference in Melbourne in 2015.

To find out more about submitting a paper and this international conference, visit:


6. Fellowships on offer for Australians aged between 18 - 35 years

The International Specialised Skills (ISS) Institute has received investment from The George Alexander Foundation to offer five Fellowships for Australians aged between 18 – 35 years.

Fellowship applications in the areas of environment and sustainability, alternative energy, conservation and/or education are welcomed. Each Fellowship provides the
successful applicant with $10,000 (less GST) to travel overseas and conduct applied research into a topic that will benefit their career and the sector they care about. It’s a chance to develop skills and drive leading practice and innovation that will advance Australia.

Further information is available at Applications close on the 28th of April.


7. Design to Win Symposium and Workshop

Are you participating in FSAE-A or another university student competition (such as the World Solar Challenge, UAV Challenge, HPV, or Hyperloop)?

Monash MotorsportLEAP Australia and SAE-A invite you to the 3-day DESIGN to WIN Symposium and Workshop held from April 19th - 21st.

Attendees will hear from both industry experts and their student peers, as well as receive hands-on learning experiences, in the best-practice use of ANSYS CAE products for competitive race-car design and other vehicle design applications such as solar cars, UAVs, and human powered vehicles. Content will cover Finite Element Analysis (FEA) including composites, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Electromagnetics, System modelling and optimisation techniques.

Show and share your interest on the Facebook event and register by filling out this Form.

Dates: April 19-21, 2017

Venues across Australia and NZ:

Main Event - Melbourne: Monash University, Clayton Campus – LEAP staff will be available on-site for mentoring during workshop sessions

Sydney: Live stream of presentation hosted at Macquarie University (HPV team) - LEAP staff will be available on-site for mentoring during some workshop sessions

Adelaide: Live stream of presentation hosted at Adelaide University*

Brisbane: Live stream of presentation hosted at a venue TBC*

Perth: Live stream of presentation hosted at Curtin University*

NZ:  Live stream available to individual teams*

Hobart: Live stream of presentation hosted at University of Tasmania*

*LEAP staff available remotely to answer questions

For enthusiastic team members, the tutorials are already available on the LEAP academic portal ( Please make an account and familiarise yourself with the introductory course content.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact:

Monash University:

Mobile: +61 414 852 369

LEAP Australia:

Direct: 03 8542 7820


8. Job Opportunities

The SAE-A is pleased to provide our members with access to job opportunities available at our partner companies.

Position: Engineering Manager

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Dolphin Products is seeking the services of an Engineering Systems Manager. Applications close this Friday.

Click here for more details and how to apply.

Position: OEM Sales Manager

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Aeroklas is looking for an experienced OEM Sales Manager with at least 10 years experience in the automotive industry.

Click here for more details and how to apply.

 Position: Head of Engineering

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Aeroklas is looking for an experienced design engineer who can lead their team of designers and CAD engineers.

Click here for more details and how to apply.


Keep an eye on the SAE-A Industry Jobs page for regular updates.


9. Winner of the Bosch Automotive Handbook

The SAE-A is pleased to announce the winner of the business card draw held at our stand at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo. Congratulations to Darren Ludecke from Commercial Vehicle Compliance on winning the Bosch Automotive Handbook.

The Bosch Automotive Handbook is a best-seller, with a broad global readership. Students of engineering programs consult it, as do researchers and engineers in the automotive industry.


If you would like your own copy, visit to make your purchase.


10. Events Update

The SAE-A has finalised the 2017 Events Calendar, the print version is available for download here

Here's what's on in April:


Facility Tour - Carbon Revolution (VIC)

April 19th, 2017: 7:00pm - 9:30pm AEDST

Gain an insight into the company, the processes, and the technology behind composite wheels with SAE-A's guided tour and presentation of the groundbreaking Carbon Revolution. For more information, click here.


Modifying a Light Vehicle or Motorcycle (VIC)

April 27th, 2017: 5:45pm - 9:00pm AEDST

If you've ever wondered about the things you can and can't do when modifying your vehicle, and how to find out if they're legal or not, then this is the seminar is for you. For more information, click here.



11. Industry News Highlights

Social media highlights from February 2017 to March 2017.

Check out the SAE-A's social media channels for more industry and Society news. 

World's Fastest Autonomous Electric Car

NIO, a next-generation car company, announced the fastest ever autonomous lap at the Circuit of the Americas Race Track in Austin, Texas. The electric supercar also achieved a new lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschliefe. Read More

Quickstep Wins New Grants for Carbon-fibre Parts

Export sales set to ramp up as Geelong based firm receives two new development grants. Read More

A Multi-modal Transport Concept Bridging the Automotive and Aerospace Domains.

Airbus calls Pop.Up the first modular, fully electric, zero emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities. Read More




12. SAE-A Bookshop

Automotive Vehicle Assembly Processes and Operations Management

Proven technologies and processes are explored in this examination of modern automotive manufacturing. Fundamentals and applications, as well as new advances are discussed as the author bridges the gap between academic research and industrial practice. The author presents a concise understanding that reflects both technical and managerial perspectives with the aim of providing improvement through practical methods.

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Postage & Handling (Australia): $17.60
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To order the Automotive Vehicle Assembly Processes and Operations Management book, visit the SAE-A Bookshop

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Finite Element Analysis Design for Engineers - 2nd Edition

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been widely implemented by the automotive industry as a productivity tool for design engineers to reduce both development time and cost. This essential work serves as a guide for FEA as a design tool and addresses the specific needs of design engineers to improve productivity.

SAE-A Member Price: $89.00

Joint SAE-A & SAE-I Price: $84.00
List Price: $105.00

Postage & Handling (Australia): $17.60
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The Vehicle Technology Engineer (VTE) is the official magazine of the Society of Automotive Engineers - Australasia, featuring technology innovations and industry updates. The VTE is distributed via print and email with 4 issues published per year (April, July, October and December)

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