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February Newsletter

A happy new year to you and all our members and colleagues of the mobility industry. We trust that you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years!

 As we say goodbye to 2016, we warmly welcome the new year; a year of new opportunities and new commitments. By now, most likely many of you have set goals for 2017, for your company and for yourself, and some of our committed project managers have already structured this year's working plans to the finest detail possible.  

SAE-A's 90th Year Anniversary

Reflecting on last year, 2016 provided many challenges and successes for the Society. We are still reeling from the success of the Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards and the Formula SAE-A in the latter part of last year.

We'd love to hear your stories of success from 2016; how you overcame a significant challenge, or how you helped someone tackle theirs. Send us your story to - we may even share it on our social media channels!

To this year, we will be celebrating our 90th Year Anniversary. From the Society's inauguration in 1927 as the Institution of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineers, to now, the SAE-A has been an influential pillar of the automotive industry in Australia. While our name has changed over the years, our commitment to developing and supporting engineers in the mobility industry has not.

Watch this space for important updates on our 90th year celebrations. We look forward to joining with you in this momentous year!

 All the best in your year ahead,

Gavin - Editor, SAE-A

Table of Contents

1. SAE-A Appoints a New CEO

2. University of Wollongong Crowned as Champion of the 2016 Formula SAE-A

3. SAE-A Updating the Standards of Fasteners

4. SAE-A Student Awarded Travel Bursary to Germany

5. 27th Annual Speed Week Approaching Fast

6. Call for Tech Papers for APAC 19

7. Industry News Highlights

1. We Need More Women in Engineering
2. Australia's most Popular Vehicles in 2016
3. On This Day in 1970: Amateur Satellite Made From Spare Parts Launched
4. CSIRO's Report on Australian Manufacturing


1. SAE-A Appoints a New Chief Executive Officer

The SAE-A has appointed Andrew George as its interim CEO to replace Dale Gilson, who resigned from the position in December 2016. 

Andrew George is not new to the SAE-A. He has been an active member of the Society for more than 25 years, most recently serving as the Director for Divisions and Membership Development, which also included the Senior Vice President role. Andrew has also served in various roles such as Victoria Division publications editor and Victoria Division Vice Chairman.

Andrew George

The SAE-A is continuing to provide member services as the peak body in Australia for automotive engineering, as well as continuing the expansion of its services in the aftermarket and service areas. 2017 will also see the continuation of the Society’s development of seminars, industry collaborations, and training in the rapidly expanding area of accessories development and vehicle modification.

The SAE-A has received significant positive feedback from events in this area over the past several years, and the flow of events and industry projects will continue into 2017 and beyond.

Andrew George commented on the new position, “There are some exciting events planned for 2017 that will continue the steep glide path that the SAE-A has already established in this expanding area, and I could not have taken this interim CEO position at a more exciting time.”

“I have a passion for automotive engineering both in Original Equipment (OE) and aftermarket, and I am pleased to be able to guide the Society into this exciting opportunity” Andrew George remarked.

SAE-A President Mario Turcarelli welcomed Andrew to the National Office, “Andrew has been involved both at Board level and has worked on OE and aftermarket products as an engineer and senior manager, and knows the task ahead as the SAE-A strives to both continue our traditional member services, as well as lead our support for the aftermarket and vehicle modification industry sector. We have some great things planned and we have a CEO and Board well equipped for the task”.

 For more information, contact Andrew at the SAE-A National Office:

Phone: (03) 9676 9568


2. University of Wollongong Crowned as Champion of the 2016 Formula SAE-A

The team from the University of Wollongong, known as the UOW Motorsport took home the 2016 Formula SAE-A champion trophy, after a tough weekend of motorsport at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne.

The 17th annual Formula competition, held from December 8-11, finished with UOW motorsport top of the table with 845.8 points, just ahead of a Spanish team from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, UPC Eco Racing with 832.3 points. Previous reigning champion, Monash Motorsport, were unable to win their eighth championship in succession, placing third with 827.8 points.

UOW Motorsport

University of Wollongong Motorsport took home the championship trophy for the first time since 2004.

Rounding out the top 10 for the 2016 competition were Curtin University (805.6), RMIT University - Electric (795.5), Swinburne University of Technology (782.2), The University of Newcastle (775.4), Griffith University (772.5), The University of Waikato (727.2) and the University of Tasmania (714.7). Full results can be seen at

2016 played host to a record number of electric vehicles in the competition, with a total nine EV’s competing for the overall prize, as well as to be named the electric vehicle class champion. The overall winner for the Electric Vehicle class was the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, followed by RMIT University – Electric and Swinburne University of Technology.

The student-built vehicles competed in eight events during the weekend-long competition at Calder Park Raceway. University teams must present their vehicle to a panel of industry experts convince them that their vehicle design is sound (Engineering Design event) and is a profitable investment (Business Presentation event). The Formula SAE-A event covers more than just the design of the race car, as students must submit an extensive and accurate costing analysis, with an objective to substantiate a case for economical production (Cost event).

UPC ecoRacing

UPC ecoRacing, second in the overall 2016 Formula SAE-A standings and champion of the Electric Vehicle class.

The Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya won the Engineering design event, which was presented by award sponsor Bosch. Monash Motorsport took gold for the Business Presentation event and the University of NSW Redback Racing scored first in the Costing event.

The dynamic events include an acceleration test over 75m (Acceleration), a figure eight manoeuvrability test (Skidpan) and a single lap time trial of the 1.25km course (Autocross). The competition culminates with the endurance event; a gruelling 22km time-trial that tests not only the vehicle and drivers time around the track (Endurance), but also tests the cars fuel economy / CO² emissions (Efficiency).

Griffith University posted the fastest time for Acceleration, the University of Canterbury was fastest in the Skidpan event and the University of Wollongong was the quickest in Autocross. The Endurance event was won by the University of Waikato, with the award presented by sponsor Toyota. The Efficiency event, sponsored by Ford, was won by electric vehicle team the University of Technology Sydney.

 For more information about the Formula SAE-A, contact Greg at the SAE-A National Office:

Phone: (03) 9676 9568


3. SAE-A Updating the Standards of Fasteners

Phillip Innes, SAE-A Representative for Standards Australia ME-029, explains the processes and achievements from the fastener committee during 2016.

The Standards Australia Technical Committee (ME-029 Fasteners) has been very active this year both with revision of local and international standards of fasteners. 


Standards Australia ME-029 undertook a Systematic Review of its Fastener Standards and identified a number of Australian Standards which were “Identical Adoptions of ISO Standards,” where the ISO Standard had been updated but the Australian Standard had not been updated. The following is a list of Australian Standards together with the current ISO Standard updated by identical adoption of that ISO Standard and published during 2016:

  • AS 1112.1-2000: ISO metric hexagon nuts - Style 1 - Product grades A and B / ISO 4032:2012
  • AS 1112.2-2000: ISO metric hexagon nuts - Style 2 - Product grades A and B / ISO 4033:2012
  • AS 1112.3-2000: ISO metric hexagon nuts - Product grade C / ISO 4034:2012
  • AS 1214-1983: Hot-dip galvanised coatings on threaded fasteners (ISO metric coarse thread series) / ISO 10684:2004
  • AS NZS 4410-1996: Hexagon flange head tapping screws / ISO 10509:2012
  • AS NZS 4411-1996: Tapping screws thread / ISO 1478:1999
  • The Australian Standard for High Strength Fasteners [Structural Fasteners] “AS NZS 1252-1996 High strength steel bolts with associated nuts and washers for structural engineering” has been revised, and published as two Standards:
  • AS/NZS 1252.1: High strength steel bolts with associated nuts and washers for structural engineering- Technical Requirements
  • AS/NZS 1252.2: High strength steel bolts with associated nuts and washers for structural engineering- Validation Testing

The revision of this Standard is an interim Standard with the expectation that the Australian market will in time adopt the European Standards for Structural Bolting Assemblies for preloading EN14399 Series.

ME-029 has begun the revision of AS NZS 1559-1997 Hot-dip galvanise steel bolts with associated nuts and washers for tower construction. When published this will be a Standards Australia standard, although New Zealand Standards is participating in the review of the drafts.

AS 1897-1976 Electroplated coatings on threaded components (metric coarse series) is likely to be revised by the adoption of ISO 4042 Fasteners- Electoplated Coatings. ISO 4042 is currently been revised by ISO TC2 SC14 to include the current coating system that are available. Standards Australia is actively involved in the revision of ISO 4042.

AS NZS 4291.2-1995 Mechanical properties of fasteners - Nuts with specified proof load values -Coarse thread will be revised by the direct adoption of ISO 898-2: Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel — Part 2: Nuts with specified property classes — Coarse thread and fine pitch thread. Currently ISO 898-2:2012 is being revised by ISO TC2 SC12 with active participation by Standards Australia.


For more information about how you can become involved in standards committees, contact Rose at the SAE-A National Office:
Phone: (03) 9676 9568


4. SAE-A Student Awarded Travel Bursary to Germany

Siddharth Shah, a student of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, Australia has been awarded a Travel Bursary from FISITA for EUR 1,733. Siddharth has secured a placement at the TI Automotive factory in Fuldabrueck, Germany, for three months. 

FISITA Travel Bursary

Siddharth will be primarily placed under the technology department which handles research and development while also overseeing regular production. The tasks will be centred around the refinement of a third generation Selective Catalytic Reduction system, specifically, the diesel exhaust fluid delivery components and interfaces.

FISITA offers a Travel Bursary twice a year to students taking part in internships, exchange programmes and work placements in automotive companies and research institutions overseas. FISITA is one of the world's leading advocates for the education of future automotive mobility engineers. In today's global automotive industry, experience of working as an engineer in another country is extremely valuable. When it comes to applying the scientific knowledge learned in the lecture theatre, there is no substitute for experience: real vehicles, real people and real problems to solve.


For more information visit:


5. 27th Annual Speed Week Approaching Fast

The 27th annual land speed racing competition, Speed Week, kicks off at the end of this month on the salt flats of Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Lake Gairdner is only one of two places in the world where vehicles can go flat out over a 19 km flat stretch of land.

Speed Week

Speed Week offers the opportunity for competitors to test their custom built vehicles on the salt lake in an attempt to achieve land speed records.

Land Speed Racing is widely recognised as one of the last forms of amateur motor sport with many competitors designing, building and racing individually constructed vehicles with their own money.

Dry Lake Racers Australia (DLRA) was founded in 1990 and has been conducting speed trials on Lake Gairdner in South Australia each year from that time. The Dry Lakes Racers Australia is the official National Organisational body for land speed racing in Australia.


For more information visit:



6. Call for Tech Papers for APAC 19

International Automotive conference, APAC19, organised by SAE-China, will be held in Shanghai from the 24-26th of October 2017. The conference organisers are are now calling for technical paper submissions from all over the world.

APAC (Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference) is an international automotive technical conference platform, held biennially and co organised by FISITA. The 19th APAC conference will be held in conjunction with the SAECCE (SAE-China Congress & Exhibition); a highly recognised international academic exhibition for the Chinese automotive industry.


Under the theme of "Creating the Automobiles and Mobility for the Future", APAC 19 will feature various activities such as plenary sessions, executive forums, technical sessions, technical exhibitions, young professional activities, company tours and test drive sessions. The conference will be expecting more than 10,000 visitors to the 10,000m² exhibition space over the 3 days.

Currently, APAC 19 is calling for technical papers from around the world. All accepted papers will be published in the OFFICIAL 'APAC19/2017SAECCE Proceedings' with selected papers published jointly with Springer International Publishing. Papers are required by April 14 2017.

The SAE-A held the 18th APAC conference in Melbourne in 2015.


To find out more about submitting a paper and this international conference, visit:



7. Industry News Highlights

News highlights from December 2016 to January 2017.
Check out the SAE-A's social media channels for more industry and Society news. 


Women in Engineering We Need More Women in Engineering

"We need more women in Engineering" says SAE-A Life Member Prof. Harry Watson, whose case study discusses the lack of women in engineering in the past and some programs initiated to rectify this.

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Toyota HiLux Australia's most popular vehicles in 2016

1. Toyota HiLux (42,104 sales)
2. Toyota Corolla (40,330 sales)
3. Hyundai i30 (37,772 sales)
4. Ford Ranger (36,934 sales)
5. Mazda3 (36,107 sales)

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Amateur Satellite On This Day in 1970: Amateur Satellite Made From Spare Parts Launched

January 23, 1970, students from Melbourne launched an amateur satellite into Lower Earth Orbit, made using bed springs and Stanley tape.

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CSIRO Manufacturing

CSIRO's Report on Australian Manufacturing

"Australian Manufacturers need to integrate into international supply chains; using Australia’s advanced technology industry and research sector, to stand out from the crowd."

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