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Welcome to the July newsletter.

It's getting busier at the SAE-A National Office in preparation for the array of events scheduled for the second half of the year, including the Society's two marquee events - the Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) on 12th of October and the Formula SAE-A competiton from 7th - 10th of December.

SAE-A is now accepting submissions for the 2017 MEEA - and the process for this has been simplified, making it easier for you to enter. 

Following the busy end-of-financial-year period, we invite our members to unwind and continue the 90th anniversary celebration with us at the 90th anniversary party which is to be held at the National Office on the 4th of August. Registrations to this complimentary event are filling up quickly, so secure your spot today.

Adding to our list of events, we introduce the Engine Emissions course which is to be presented by ABMARC in November, on the fundamentals of emissions from internal combustion engines and the technology available for emissions reduction in the global and Australian context. More information on this and other society and industry updates are available in this edition of the newsletter.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have feedback or a story you'd like to share; send a message to editor@sae-a.com.au.



1. SAE-A President, Mario Turcarelli, Visits SAE Japan

2. SAE-A's 90th Anniversary Celebration Party

3. Call for Submissions for 2017 Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards

4. ABMARC: Engine Emissions

5. FISITA 2018 Call for Papers

6. Event Recap

7. Industry News Highlights

8. Upcoming Events

9. SAE-A Bookstore

1. SAE-A President, Mario Turcarelli, Visits SAE Japan 

In May 2017, SAE-A President, Mario Turcarelli, was invited by SAE Japan to attend the 70th anniversary celebrations in Yokohama. Mario presents a brief recollection from the celebration event and his time in Japan.

SAE Japan (JSAE) is one of the world’s most influential and significant automotive societies with over 55,000 members. SAE-A and JSAE have enjoyed a close relationship for over seventy years, and this year, it was an honour to be invited, alongside SAE Presidents and CEOs from several other countries around the world, to Yokohama to be a part of the celebration for the JSAE’s 70th Anniversary. The celebration was held at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference centre, located on Yokohama harbour.

JSAE also hosted the 2017 Automotive Engineering Exposition at Pacifico Exhibition Hall with over 91,000 attendees. The three-day auto show comprised of 550 exhibitors and 1150 booths,showcasing the latest high-tech auto technology from some of the world’s largest auto parts manufacturers and suppliers

JSAE President Mr Yoshiyuki Matsumoto at the Opening Ceremony for the JSAE 70th Anniversary

Read the full story here - http://www.saea.com.au/page-18456.

2. SAE-A's 90th Anniversary Celebration Party

We’re going to party like it’s 1927… sort of.

The Institute of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineers, was founded in the first week of August in 1927. Fast forward 90 years to 2017 and now as the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia, we’d like to celebrate this milestone by throwing a shindig for our members.

August 4th, 2017: 3:30pm - 8:30pm AEST (VIC)

Now, it's inappropriate to promote events on the basis of providing free alcohol, but other attractions include a modified Ford Mustang, SAE Level 3 Automated Vehicle, Porsche 550 Spyder, and other items of memorabilia from year 1927 (we may even sneak in a vintage jazz song or two).

The re-configured SAE-A National Office will host a maximum of 70 people. And if there is one thing we know about our student members, it’s that they enjoy free things. This means that to all of our other members, I suggest you register now to not miss out on this great opportunity.

So knock off work that little bit early, watch that lecture online the next day, treat yourself to an early Friday finish and come and join us on August 4th from 3:30pm to celebrate our 90th anniversary.

We look forward to you all enjoying an evening on the Society.

For all those that wish to attend who are not members, you’re most welcome to come along, however there is a fee of $80.

Greg Maratos

Event & Training Coordinator

3. Call for Submissions for 2017 Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards

The annual Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) is to be held this year on October 12th at The Park Melbourne

MEEA recognises outstanding contribution to advancing technologies in the field of mobility. This is an opportunity for all businesses, professionals, and students interested in being recognised for their achievements and promoting your innovation, research, processes or projects. 


October 12th, 2017: 6:30pm - 11:30pm AEST (VIC)

MEEA acknowledges all areas of mobility including technology applicable to automotive, aerospace, heavy commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, and campers.

Under the new criteria, participants are required to submit only two documents. The format required for the submission is detailed in the 2017 Submission Information Package.The 2017 award categories include:

  • Professional (Small Business category added in 2017)
  • Young Engineer
  • Undergraduate
  • Post Graduate

    Please note that there are only 6 weeks until submissions close for the Professional and Young Engineer categories. 

    Professional and Young Engineer Submission Deadline – September 1, 2017

    Post and Under Graduate Submission Deadline – September 15, 2017

    If you would like any assistance, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SAE-A National Office.

    Greg Maratos

    Event & Training Coordinator

    4. ABMARC: Engine Emissions

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about Australian Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards. Analysis conducted by ABMARC for the Commonwealth in December 2016 demonstrated that Target A would be more stringent (due to Australia’s new vehicle fleet composition and the higher rate of annual reductions required) than regulated standards in Europe and the USA. See Chart 1 for more information.

    Chart 1- Australian fleet average CO2 compared to Europe

    Target A will also result in a rapid dieselisation of the fleet to meet the fuel efficiency standard (see Chart 2 below), as diesel engines are inherently more efficient than an equivalent petrol engine (in the order of 20%). ABMARC’s real world emissions testing has found that diesel vehicles emit significantly more NOX and particulate matter (PM) than a petrol car for each kilometre travelled – so health outcomes may be adversely effected with higher diesel uptake rates.

    Chart 2 – Powertrain mix required for light duty vehicles to meet the 2020 and 2025 CO2 targets

    Inform yourself of the targets, costs, vehicle trends, global fuel efficiency regulations, emission standards, test methods, fuel standards, health outcomes and more across the transport sector, by joining ABMARC and the SAE-A at the 2017 Engine Emissions Course, running from 14-16 November.

    To register for the training course and for more information - click here.

    5. FISITA 2018: Call for Papers

    World Automotive Congress, FISITA 2018, will be held in Chennai, India, from the 2nd to 5th of October 2018. The organisers are now calling for papers on the technical topics that are in consonance with the theme of FISITA 2018 - Disruptive Technologies for Affordable and Sustainable Mobility.

    FISITA is the international network for automotive engineers, representing over 200,000 engineers in 37 countries, FISITA is a leading advocate for the education of young engineers, creating pathways for future talent through its established links with the industry.

    Key Dates:
    Deadline for Abstract Submission : 30 September, 2017
    Abstract Acceptance Notification to Authors : 9 February, 2018
    Deadline to upload Draft Manuscripts : 27 April, 2018
    Deadline to upload Final Papers : 30 July, 2018

    Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Scientific & Technical Committee (STC) of FISITA 2018.

    To download the information flyer, please click here: FISITA 2018 Call for Papers.

    For a full list of Congress Topics, please click here.

    More information here https://www.fisita-congress.com/call.

    6. Event Recap

    • Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement Training Course

    The first event in June was the SAE-A's new Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement training course. The course was held on June 13 at the National Office, presented by CEO of the SAE-A, Andrew George.

    Many of us are constantly evaluating choices, making decisions, analysing problems and ultimately attempting to solve them. This course acknowledged and addressed the need for processes and tools that can be used to successfully carry out these activities with confidence.

    The one-day training course covered a number of different problem solving theories and the steps including the 8D steps, definition tree, and root cause analysis. The theory was supported by practical engineering examples which provided the attendees with an opportunity to experience the application of the processes and trial them first-hand. 

    Following the course, the attendees were provided with a copy of the course material for reference.

    • CSIRO 3D Printing in Engineering Facility Tour

    The facility tour at CSIRO was well-attended with 35 individuals taking the opportunity to learn about additive manufacturing processes through a presentation and an elaborate tour of CSIRO's Lab 22.

    Additive manufacturing involves adding molten metal in a layer-by-layer process to make 3D objects directly from CAD files, as opposed to using subtractive methods like traditional CNC machining.

    The introduction presentation was delivered by Stefan Gulizia and his colleagues, covering CSIRO's 3D printing capability through various technologies and machines, each with its advantages and limitations.

    More information on the machines and technologies is available here - https://research.csiro.au/metals/add-manufacturing/aus-innovation/.

    For upcoming facility tours, training courses, and seminars, visit the SAE-A Events and Training page.

    7. Industry News Highlights

    Social media highlights from May 2017 to June 2017.
    Check out the SAE-A's social media channels for more industry and Society news. 

    Ford Tests 3-D Printing of Large Scale Car Parts with Stratasys Technology.

    Ford has begun testing 3D printing of large-scale car parts using Stratasys's Infinite Build 3D printer, which turns traditional 3D printing on its head.  Read more

    France is Banning all Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    France plans to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, the country's new environment minister has announced. Read more

    8. Events Update

    The SAE-A has been working hard this year to deliver some of the best events in the industry to contribute towards the professional development of our members.

    Click HERE for the SAE-A's 2017 Calendar of Events for our 90th year.

    Here's what's on in 2017:


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