Advances in Turbocharged Racing Engines

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AUTHOR: Alberto Boretti

ISBN: 978-0-7680-0014-6

FORMAT: Softbound

YEAR: February 2019

PAGES: 236


PUBLISHER: SAE International


Racing continues to provide the preeminent directive for advancing powertrain development for automakers worldwide. Formula 1, World Rally, and World Endurance Championship all provide engineering teams the most demanding and rigorous testing opportunities for the latest engine and technology designs. Turbocharging has seen significant growth in the passenger car market after years of development on racing circuits.

Advances in Turbocharged Racing Engines combines ten essential SAE technical papers with introductory content from the editor on turbocharged engine use in F1, WRC, and WEC–recognizing how forced induction in racing has impacted production vehicle powertrains. Topics featured in this book include:

Fundamental aspects of design and operation of turbocharged engines

Electric turbocharger usage in F1

Turbocharged engine research by Toyota, SwRI and US EPA, Honda, and Caterpillar

This book provides a historical and relevant insight into research and development of racing engines. The goal is to provide the latest advancements in turbocharged engines through examples and case studies that will appeal to engineers, executives, instructors, students, and enthusiasts alike.

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