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How to Submit a Rules Enquiry

  1. Check the Rules Q&A Document to see if your query has already been answered.  
  2. Ask your Team Leader or Faculty Advisor. In many cases they will be able to assist you. 
  3. Submit a question to the Rules Committee using the "Ask a Question" link below.  

The Rules Committee may require further information from the team prior to finalising an answer and may also require review of the team’s FMEA for major variations or new concepts.

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How to Submit Documents

All electronic document submissions must be uploaded by the Team Leader using the email address that was used to register your team.

If you have multiple team entries, please upload your documents for each entry separately using a unique email address.

All documents must be uploaded to Formula SAE-A 2019 Document Submission online Google form.    

Submissions will only be accessible by SAE-A event organisers, judges and nominated persons.

Document and Template Downloads

CAMS Documents

Australian TeamsCAMS Speed Licence Application

International Teams - CAMS Single Event Licence Application

For Team Members & Volunteers - CAMS Risk Warning, Disclaimer & Indemnity Form

For Spectators & VIP Guests - CAMS Disclaimer, Risk Warning & Assumption of Risk Statement

CAMS Insurance Policy Cover
Driver and officials Personal Accident Insurance Coverage – Attachment 1

Public Liability Coverage (Note Pit Crew are covered) -  Attachment 2

Claims process -

Event Information & Schedules

Event Handbook
(Final version: November 21/11/19)

Event Program - for Public / Spectators
(In development)

Benalla & Surrounds Local Info Guide

Nose Cone Sponsor Artwork

Logo layout 2019 PDF

Sponsor logos 2019 Zip file

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