The 2019 schedule of webinars for the Formula SAE-A competition is currently being developed and dates and topics will be announced shortly. These webinars are designed to assist teams by addressing key fundamentals of engineering design, construction, and professionalism.

If you have requests for topics please send the details to your Team Leader or Faculty Advisor who will forward them to the Organising Committee for consideration.

Design Event Webinar 2019

Download the PDF to the Design Event Webinar HERE

Business Case Presentation Webinar 2019

Presented by Natalie Ajay and Rhiannon Veness

Cost Reporting
August 2018

Click here for a copy of the Cost Event presentation slides

Cost Reporting
August 2018

Vehicle Aerodynamics (Hosted by Ford Asia Pacific)

Click here for a copy of the presentation slides

Automotive Chassis and Suspension Design

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