SAE-A Student Seminar Series - Automotive Chassis Design-Space Frame Engineering Fundamentals

  • 29 Jun 2015
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
  • RMIT Swanston Academic Building, 80/445 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Room 80.04.11
  • 167


Engineering Expertise shared to Students

SAE-A welcomes all engineering students with a keen interest and passion for learning.  The first seminar of the Student Seminar Series is the Automotive Chassis Design-Space Frame Engineering Fundamentals and will be presented by engineering industry professionals Mr Luke Morrow and Matthew Lloyd who will impart their knowledge turning sophistication into simplicity. The seminar will typically run for two hours and at no cost for SAE-A student members.

These Student Seminar Series will be particularly beneficial to students competing in the Formula SAE-A event. 
Each student seminar has been tailored to address key industry fundamentals.

This presentation will teach how to design high performance, lightweight automotive space frame bodies. Specific geometry design and dynamic vibration issues will be explored in great detail. All of the relevant first principles will be taught and related to the applicable fields. The presenterswill also provide an insight into their own experiences as an engineer and what they learnt as industry professionals. 


The other SSS presentations are scheduled as follows:

2nd July // Cost Seminar
How to make and maintain cost goals and derive finances before and after and a project.

6th July // Vehicle Electronics and Electrical Systems
Detailed exploration of the electronics and electrical systems used in both Electric and Combustion vehicles

9th July // Vehicle Aerodynamics
External flow design of body/aerodynamic devices and fundamental aerodynamic design.

13th July // Powertrain
Detailed design information of the key powertrain components of vehicles and calibration.

16th July // Automotive Dynamics
Design of automotive suspension and damping systems.

4th September // Business Case Development
How to develop and present a formal
business case.

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