SAE-A Student Seminar Series - Electric Vehicles

  • 05 Jul 2016
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
  • Webinar Only
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The SAE-A presents the SAE-A Student Seminars (SSS); a series of informative lectures designed to address the key fundamentals of engineering design, construction and professionalism. 


The seminar will cover the following:

  • Electric motor basics
  • Limitations of electric motors
  • Predicting electric motor performance
  • Selecting an electric motor


Lloyd’s family knew he was going to be an engineer when he was barely old enough to walk and they caught him trying to disassemble a lawn sprinkler. His university education includes initially studying Electrical Engineering at Monash before transferring to Swinburne to complete his degree as a Mechatronics Engineer. 

While at Swinburne University, Lloyd joined their FSAE-A team and contributed to their campaign to introduce competitive electric vehicles to the Australian FSAE competition. In 2012 with Lloyd as Chief Engineer, the TS_12 vehicle achieved the goal of being the first electric vehicle to complete all events and achieved 1St place in the EV category. Later at the FSAE West special event, the vehicle went on to achieve competitive times against IC vehicles, another first for an Australian EV vehicle. Since graduating, Lloyd has been placed at Cummins, working in their Power Generation unit as a Project Engineer and uses the knowledge gained through FSAE-A to develop power stations for remote area mines and communities across Australia.


Attendees will complete the session with an understanding of electric motors, their internal characteristics and how they can be applied to electric vehicles. The knowledge gained will form the basis of an underlying foundation in electric motor principals and assist attendees in their exploration of this exciting area.


The session will begin with an introduction to electromagnetic theory (mathematics not required).

The session will then apply this basic understanding of electromagnetic theory to demonstrate the internal operation of electric motors.

The session will expand on the initial understanding of the motors to describe how they perform in applications such as electric vehicles and how they can best be selected and applied.

Finally the session will conclude with a Q and A session on the topics covered.

All sessions will be conducted online via Webinar.
An invitation link sent will be sent on the day of the webinar.


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