SSS 7 - Automotive Chassis & Suspension Design

  • 19 Jul 2016
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Webinar Only
  • 165



The SAE-A presents the SAE-A Student Seminars (SSS); a series of informative lectures designed to address the key fundamentals of engineering design, construction and professionalism. 


The chassis is the supporting structure of the vehicle in which the running gear, suspension and body are connected. The suspension of a vehicle provides the ride, handling and location of the wheels. Integration of the suspension and chassis needs to be an iterative and optimisation process to achieve a high performing vehicle. 


Nguyen was exposed to cars from a young age with relatives often fixing their cars at his house. He had an unstoppable curiousity of how things worked, often dismantling his toys to figure out the inner mechanisms. 

Nguyen completed a Certificate 2 in Automotive vehicle servicing and later a Bachelor of Automotive Engineering. As an automotive mechanic he has worked for Peter Davey Toyota and Caltex. As an engineer in industry for close to 10 years, he has worked for Monroe Australia and currently is the suspension engineer at TJM Products in charge of suspension design and development. 


The session is aimed to give attendees an understanding of the basic parameters needed to design a chassis and suspension system. This will provide the foundation to later understand the dynamics of the vehicle. The ability to understand the vehicle level requirement and translate it into a component level design requirement is an important skill required by a design engineer. 

Attendees will not only gain an understanding of chassis and suspension integration but also an appreciation of designing components where the mating components need to be considered.


The session will be an on screen presentation for attendees to follow. It will start with the design requirements of a chassis, followed by that  of a suspension system and finally the integration of the two.

Time is allocated for questions at the end.

All sessions will be conducted online via Webinar.
An invitation link sent will be sent on the day of the webinar.


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