Aerodynamics of a Vehicle - Presented by F1 Aerodynamicist Willem Toet

  • 27 Feb 2017
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online Seminar


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Presented By: Willem Toet
Willem is an Australian motorsport and aerodynamics expert who has spent 30 years so far working in F1 in some of the big teams and in senior positions.  Now, because he’s working part time, he can pass on some his amassed knowledge and seemingly boundless enthusiasm for life and for motorsport.   His LinkedIn posts are becoming legendary and his love of the concept of Formula SAE is obvious.  Willem is one of few industry professionals willing to give his time to students and young engineers to help them realise more of their potential and this webinar is a gift to you.

Content surrounds a Formula SAE-A vehicle and the competition to begin with, then delves deeper into the fundamentals of Aerodynamics of a vehicle, inlcuding:

- Making a great first or next Formula SAE-A car – some basics.
- Consider the Formula SAE-A points system, Aerodynamics must add points to help you.
- Don’t neglect cooling.
- Aerodynamics is not just wings.
- When to investigate adding aerodynamic devices.
- Benefits and down sides of aerodynamic devices (generally).
- How to assess the overall (competition points) performance.
- What Aero research tools to use.
- What sort of devices should we look at first and what to expect when you add devices.
- Aesthetics, a little story.

Benefit to Attendees: 
You should feel more able to judge when to commit to adding serious downforce generating devices onto your car.  If you already have years of running cars with wings you should be able to find ways of improving the aerodynamic efficiency of your car.  If you follow Willem’s advice you should be making your decisions based on solid engineering data, which means the data helps you make the decision.

Style of Presentation: 
Willem has a relaxed way of explaining complex concepts without resorting to exotic words or fancy mathematics.  He uses examples to explain the fundamentals. It will be an online delivered presentation using slides as viewing material. 



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