Introduction to Crash Investigation and Reconstruction (MELBOURNE, VIC) - 5 Days

  • 13 Jul 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 17 Jul 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • 12



5 day course

Who Should Register

Anyone involved in motor vehicle collisions at the investigation, damage assessment, or litigation levels in Technical Crash Investigation and Collision Reconstruction.

Course prerequisites

It is assumed that the participants are familiar with basic maths and the use of a scientific calculator, and have some interest or experience investigating, assessing or litigating motor vehicle collisions.

Course Aim and Outline

Participants will learn how to effectively and efficiently examine, record and interpret the results of a collision and provide an opinion as to speed, direction of travel, vehicle and person movements and probable contributions of the human, vehicle and environment factors associated with the collision.

DAY ONE   9am – 5pm

  • Introduction to Collision Reconstruction
  • Inspection of Scene
  • Vehicle Condition & Inspection; Thrust Diagrams
  • Lights & Glass
  • Debris, Tyre Marks & Gouges
  • Friction & Friction Measuring Devices
  • Resultant Drag Factor – Effective Factor

DAY TWO    9am – 5pm

  • Measurements & Diagrams, Geodimeter Total
  • Survey Station
  • Photographs
  • Speed from Skid, Yaw, Flips & Vaults
  • Trucks, Articulated Vehicles, Tachographs & Trip Computers

DAY THREE    9am – 5pm

  • Pedestrian Collision Reconstruction – Vehicle 
  • Speed Estimate Formulae
  • Motorcycle Reconstruction
  • Dynamics, Time, Distance, Acceleration

DAY FOUR    9am – 5pm

  • Energy, Damage, Vehicle Stiffness
  • Conservation of Momentum, Rear End, Head On, Intersection Collisions, Examination Review

DAY FIVE   9am – 3pm

  • Involves case studies, written examinations and learning assessment

About the Instructor - Dr Shane Richardson

Dr Shane Richardson is the Principal Forensic Engineer, Managing Director and Owner of Delta-V Experts. He has been investigating vehicle collisions and industrial incidents since 1996 and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Military Vehicle Technology and a PhD relating to vehicle rollover.

His areas of expertise include Mechanical Engineering, Crash 5 Reconstruction, Incident Analysis, Vehicle Structural Engineering, Human Factors, Amusement Rides and Devices In-Service Inspection, Biomedical Engineering, Risk Engineering and Structural Engineering.

He has investigated thousands of crashes and is an Expert Witness in the Supreme, County, Magistrate and Coronial Courts.

In 2002 he formed Delta-V Experts and currently leads a team of six Engineers and four undergraduates who investigate predominantly vehicle collisions.

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