Documents specific to the Formula SAE-Australasia competition will be uploaded to this page as they become available.  

All other documents should be obtained from the International Formula SAE website here.

A breakdown of the applicability of each document can be found in the Rules section below ("Formula SAE Series Resources Applicability to SAE-A")

General Administration
 2018 Team Expressions of Interest Information Package 
 2018 Team Registration and Payment Form
 2018 Vehicle Nosecone Decals [Link]
 2018 Team and Driver Lists Form
 CAMS Disclaimer Form[Link]
 Competition Driver License Application Forms
 Declaration of Hazardous Materials Form
V1.0 (21 September)  
 Electrical Safety Statement (EV only)[Not required]                      
 Visa Invitation Letter Request for International Team    
 Winton Motor Raceway Catering Order Form

Event Information and Schedules
 2018 Key Dates and Submission Deadlines[Link] 
 2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Event Handbook                        
V1.3 (26 November)           
 2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Public Event Program                  
V1.1 (8 November)             
 2018 Endurance/AutoCross Event Maps
 Insurance and Event Permits
       2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Event Permit
       2018 CAMS Certificate of Insurance   

 Advice for European Vehicles Competing at FSAE-A[Link] 
 Formula SAE Series Resources Applicability to SAE-A        

 2017-2018 Formula SAE International Rules[Link]                                   
 2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Local Rules Addendum     
 V4 (5 October)
 Rules Enquiry Submission
 GOTAFE Requirements & Forms for Using Workshop[Link] 

Static Events
 2018 Cost Event Item[Link]    
 Cost Report - Appendix EV 3 for Electric Vehicles   
 Design Event Score Sheet[Link]


Technical Inspection
  Electric Vehicle (EV) Class Technical Inspection Sheet
V1.1 (29 October)  
  Internal Combustion (IC) Class Technical Inspection Sheet        [Link]V1.1 (29 October)        
  Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Checklist  
  Energy Meter Specification (2018 Version) 
[Link]V1.0 (21 November)
  Battery Monitoring Thermal Strip Datasheet (EV only)  
  EV Rain Test Rig (EV7.3)[Link]
  Guide to Thread Penetration


Post (hard copy) submissions are to be sent to: SAE-Australasia, P.O. Box 103, Werribee, Victoria 3030, Australia.

Electronic submissions are to be uploaded to the appropriate section of the Google Form by the Team Leader, using a University or official team email address.

Please refer to the "2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Local Rules Addendum" for full instructions. 

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