Milestones and Deadlines 2019

Date Milestone/Deadline Submission Method Vehicle Type
8-Apr   Registration Opens for all teams. Registration & payment may be submitted    - EV & IC
17-May   Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Notice of Intent to use deadline Electronic IC
5-Jul   Team and student entry fees deadline (Australian and New Zealand teams)  - EV & IC
2-Aug   Team and student entry fees deadline (International teams) - EV & IC
6-Sep   Electrical systems officer and electrical systems advisor forms deadline Electronic EV
6-Sep   ESF & FMEA deadline Electronic EV
13-Sep   Electronic Throttle Control FMEA deadline Electronic IC
20-Sep   Structural equivalency form deadline Electronic EV & IC
27-Sep   Impact attenuator data deadline Electronic EV & IC
4-Oct   Design report, specification sheet and video deadline Electronic EV & IC
11-Oct   Cost Report and eBOM deadline Electronic EV & IC
25-Oct   Final team member list deadline Electronic EV & IC
25-Oct   CAMS license application deadline Electronic EV & IC
1-Nov   Declaration of planned hazardous materials and MSDS deadline Electronic EV & IC
2-Dec  Tech Inspection Check List including electronic throttle control deadline; Egress     Times List. Electronic EV & IC
2-Dec  Electrical Inspection Check List deadline Electronic EV
5-Dec   Declaration of final hazardous materials and MSDS deadline; copy of Tech  Inspection check lists; copy of Egress Times List. Hand Deliver at Site Registration EV & IC
5-8 Dec   Formula SAE-Australasia Competition - EV & IC

All electronic submissions are to be uploaded to the appropriate section of the Google Form by the Team Leader, using a University or official team email address. Team Leader email addresses must be unique for Universities with multiple entries.   

  • Hint: to use an existing University email address when prompted to sign in, select Create account → Use my current email address instead  

An email acknowledging receipt will be provided by the Google Forms site. Use the included edit link to submit subsequent documents.

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