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As of July, 2014, I was a mechanical engineering graduate. Today, I am a full time engineer. Here’s my story:

Greg Maratos, Dale Gilson, Yashar Rahmati, Rose De Amicis, Kelvin Clissold

After graduating way back in July 2014, I started looking for employment in the engineering industry, to not only put the knowledge and skills I have achieved from my education to use, but to do something I am passionate about. Due to the competitiveness of the industry however, I was not able to find a position.

In November of 2015, in my previous role at Fenix events, I saw SAE-A were hosting their Excellence Awards night at our venue. Not rostered on for the event, I made sure I changed my roster with a colleague to gain an insight into the society. At the event, I spoke to Greg Maratos (SAE-A’s Event Coordinator) in the hope of pursuing an internship with SAE-A.

After a few days I received a phone call, which resulted in an interview with Greg and Kelvin Clissold (General Manager – Professional Development) in the Port Melbourne office. From there, under the direction of the vastly experienced SAE-A team, with decades of experience and knowledge of the industry, I developed connections and skills that without SAE-A, I otherwise couldn’t have.

After only five months of being with such a friendly team, an opportunity came up when a company got in touch with SAE-A, asking if they could recommend any graduate engineers. The society informed me of the opportunity and after giving them a call, then going for a subsequent site visit and interview, I was offered a full time role. 

With my foot in the door, my dream of working as an engineer is now a reality. I could not have landed a job such as this, without the great support and guidance of the team at SAE-A.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the society, for mentoring me and teaching me so much in such a short time. I can only hope I have given back to SAE-A as much as they have given me. 

Yashar Rahmati

PH: 0403 267 166

VIC, 3030 Australia

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