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Program Snapshot:

University of Technology Sydney: Engineering, has a distinctive five-year Bachelor of Engineering with Diploma in Engineering Practice. Students complete two six-month periods of internships in an engineering environment typically in Year 2 and again in Year 4. Companies reap many benefits including access to a young, valuable and flexible resource for the business. The interns can bring new ideas and approaches, and this can also allow a company to shape the future of engineering industry and its graduates. Students can start July to August or November to March.

Program Background:

UTS has had long-standing commitment to practice-based and research-inspired education that ensures our Engineering graduates are industry-ready and in high demand with the best mix of technical, digital, communication and problem-solving skills.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Opportunity to identify future graduate talent
  • Access to a valuable, diverse and flexible resource (e.g. for special projects)
  • New ideas, skills and enthusiasm brought by interns into the business
  • Play a role in helping shape the next generation of Engineering professionals

Program Outline:

  • Employers can secure 2nd and 4th year Engineering students
  • Popular times for students to start work is from July to August or November to March
  • Duration of internships are normally 6 months full time
  • Typically these are paid internships (e.g. $650 - $750/week full time)

For those interested, simply email and find out how to advertise a position. 


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