Plastics Application Technology for Lightweight Automobiles

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Book Details

AUTHOR: Sudhakar Marur

ISBN: 978-0-7680-7640-0

TITLE: Plastics Application Technology for               Lightweight Automobiles

FORMAT: Hardcover

YEAR: 2013

PAGES: 372


PUBLISHER: SAE International


Product Description

This book is focused on the use of plastics in automobiles for traditional applications, as well as for more advanced uses such as under-the-hood components. Engineering thermoplastics offer the ability to tailor-make components from polymers, and to design parts for enhanced performance, new functionality, part integration, and elimination of secondary operations. Parts made from engineering thermoplastics can be manufactured within specified cost constraints, and using manufacturing methods that offer a wide range of production flexibility.

A decade of research and real-world applications is presented by the authors on application technology development for various aspects of automotive design – concept design, CAD modeling, predictive engineering methods through CAE, manufacturing method simulation, and prototype and tool making.

Additional advantages of plastics are covered and include greater styling, improved energy absorption, and enhanced performance over traditional materials, all while fostering environmental sustainability and reducing overall vehicle weight for next generation automobiles.

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