We are extremely grateful for the work our volunteers put in to ensure the ongoing success of Formula SAE-A.

This year with the move to Winton, there will be a significant impact for many of our volunteers with regard to travelling distances. This will be most significant on the Friday morning, 7 December 2018, when we will require specialist expertise on hand from 7.00am for the static events. Many of these experts will be coming from Melbourne.

With this in mind, the SAE is pleased to offer free overnight accommodation on Thursday night for volunteers allocated to Friday’s tasks. 

The offer is for those travelling long distances to the event - which we will define as more than 80km. The purpose is three-fold:

1. To ensure we have all volunteers accounted for and ready to go right from the start of Friday’s proceedings,

2. To brief as many volunteers as we can on the Thursday night when time is less critical.

3. To ease the load on the volunteers on our busiest day.

This offer is only available for Thursday night accommodation for the Friday volunteers and cannot be swapped for other nights. 

How to access the offer

For inquiries, please call 0403 267 166.

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